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Samhain Ancestor Workshop

Saturday, October 30th
10am - 12pm 
Via Zoom

Join me to connect with our Ancestors. 

It's the Witch's New Year. As the old year ends as the final harvests finish and plants die back for the cold season, we enter the "dark half of the year". There is less sunlight lighting our way. In pagan Celtic times October 31st was called Samhain - pronounced "Sau-in". This date is the half-way point between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice. 

The ancient Celts knew the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest as we end one year and begin another. Many cultures around the world practiced this same belief. The spirit beings are close and ready to hear our requests for assistance. Our own ancestors come near to offer love, guidance, and wisdom.

Calling in our ancestors reminds of the eternal circle of our lineage. We are never alone. We have allies and friends in the other realms who are always here if we call on them and are able to open our inner eyes to their presence. As we gather together to call on the medicine of our ancestors and other beings who come near, we feel less alone.

Our ancestors are rooting for us to heal and transform what they could not and our healing affects all those before us as well as those after us. 

Samhain Ancestor Workshop 

Shamanic Journey - Drumming takes us into a deep meditative state. In this place we will meet our ancestors 

Art - Work with the messages of your ancestors through process art and collage. We will work with a photo and the messages you receive. 

Ritual - Creating a sacred circle and sharing the wisdom, humor, and shadows and lessons that our ancestors bring through to each of us. We are all transformed in the sharing. 

Woven Ways Women's Circle is co-led by my long time collaboration and circle partner Erica Skone-Rees of Rare Bird.

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Shamanic Journey Workshop Walnut Creek, CA


Shannon facilitates and guides rituals and workshops in many forms and modalities. She create customized rituals and workshops for rites of passage, initiations, celebrations, endings and beginnings for  private groups, teams, or family. Co-create your  own of have Shannon create one for you. 


Shamanic Journey Workshops

Experience the art of shamanic journey in a potent small group setting. We share our collective wisdom in these circles as shamanic work is for the benefit of the community.You'll learn about shamanism, take your own shamanic journey, and uncover ways to interpret the information you receive. Each shamanic journey workshop is based on a theme of awakening and growing.

Shamanism, the most ancient spiritual system known to humankind, is an earth-based spirituality that centers on all things being connected and having their own spirit and energy.  A shamanic journey is a central feature of Shamanism where through ritual and drumming, one travels into an altered reality or the "spirit-world" for the purpose of gaining information, wisdom, and healing. In this modern age we can be our own shamans as we meet spirit guides in a safe, conscious, and inspiring journey. Shamanic Journey is a wonderfully imaginative way to come into connection with your own deep knowledge.
Shamanic Journey Workshop Walnut Creek, CA



A Blessingway is a ritual that marks a rite of passage. We gather together to witness and and support crossing through of portal into a new state of being. This is a transformational path where the group honors the courage and strength it takes to move yourself from one stage to the next. While the community shows up as a supportive weaving of support, each person must walk through their own gateway alone in their own wholeness. I create customized Blessingways for life events such as having a child, getting married, changing careers, graduating from school or a course, entering adulthood, coming of age, leaving home, and any other initiation.

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Shamanic Journey Workshop Walnut Creek, CA


Women's Moon Circles

Women's Circles are  a place to come as you are and experience the deep communion, joys, sorrows, connection, and laughter that can be present in a group of women. Many women crave the sisterhood, healing, and sense of community that comes from being together and witnessing each other. Throughout time, women have gathered to support, heal, and lift each other up through life's challenges. All women are invited to join my ongoing  Moon Circles held monthly to honor the cycles of the moon and the seasons in a way that enriches our lives. We always celebrate the Autumn Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, and Summer Solstice with ways to deepen our connection to the Nature. Some women come each month and others drop in when they can. Each month has a new theme and the gathering includes writing, sharing, meditation or shamanic journey, and an art and ritual that correlates with our practice. 

In-person Circles are paused for now until it feels safe to gather. Please join the ongoing virtual circles on Zoom. 


Shamanic Journey Workshop Walnut Creek, CA


Seasonal Holy Day Workshops

Contact me to create your own ritual.  Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Autumn Equinox are powerful gateway days in our year. Each season ushers in a new cycle and we learn from Mother Nature what is called forth from us as the wheel spins. We learn from these timeless ongoing cycles of life that life continues, changes form, and the light always returns. We always honor these days in my monthly moon circles and I love to create special days for your private group. 

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Shamanic Journey Workshop Walnut Creek, CA

About Blessingways

Shamanic Journey Session, Shamanic Journey Workshop

Shannon Hopkins builds bridges between the seen and unseen world. She offers shamanic journey sessions, intuitive healing, rituals and rites of passage in Walnut Creek, CA and the Bay Area as well as through video shamanic journey sessions and phone sessions to anywhere in the world. She also facilitates Corporate Team Building workshops in San Francisco Bay Area. 

She offers individual sessions and shamanic journey workshops for groups in Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany, and San Francisco, CA  as well as many other Bay Area cities.

Blessingways studio: 2363 Boulevard Circle, Suite 105A  Walnut Creek, CA 94595