Shannon Hopkins

Building bridges between the seen and the unseen worlds


Team Building Workshops

Team Building Programs

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Shannon facilitates and guides rituals and workshops in many forms and modalities.

Create a customized workshop for your group, team, or family. 

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Community Rituals

A Blessingway is a ritual that marks a rite of passage. We gather together to witness and and support crossing through of portal into a new state of being. Book a customized Blessingway for life events such as having a child, getting married, changing careers, graduating from school or a course, entering adulthood, coming of age, leaving home, and any other initiation.

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Shamanic Journey

Experience the ancient practice of shamanic journey. Drumming guides you into a shamanic open state, bringing you into the spirit-world and available to connect with your own guides and communicate with all of life. Journey to the unseen realms for wisdom and healing.

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Intuitive Healing

Experience energetic healing that works with your energetic body on the subtle level. Uncover the root of your blocks and challenges and make shifts that affect all areas of your life.

Available in person or remotely via video chat.

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Deep and soothing work  designed to engage the mind, body, and spirit connection and heal on all levels. This is healing from the  inside out as well as the outside in, incorporating deep tissue massage, energy work and meditation. 

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The incredible depth of intuition Shannon brings to her sessions helped me to create powerful shifts in my agreements with others and my experience of myself. Powerful, loving work.


Shannon nurtured my inner journey while guiding my visualizations to reveal truths and tools that I could use later. And all this while getting the most amazing intuitive and healing massage I have ever had. 


Shamanic journeying and ritual with Shannon has left me
feeling incredibly inspired, grounded, and happy.  I am grateful for the profound effect this work is having on my life.