Inner Coach Workshop

Inner Coach Workshop

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5 week Online Course

Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm
March 22 - April 19

Step into Spring with the intention of balance, joy and empowerment!

Shannon & Erica know what it feels like to be off balance, treading water, or even taken down by physical, mental and emotional stressors. As coaches they each dedicate their lives to teaching and empowering others with the practices and healing modalities they have learned that have made the most positive impact on their health.

This 5 week class is designed to empower you with these tools, to connect you with your inner healer and to guide you to be your own coach. These balancing practices can be integrated into your psyche and self care routines so that you have the power to
return to center again and again.

In this fast paced, high stress world, it’s easy to feel out of alignment. Add health issues, a family trauma or a big life change to the mix and overwhelm can easily shift to symptomatic stress like anxiety, fatigue, depression, or illness.

What to Expect

  • A weekly appointment to learn, practice and be guided by 2 coaches with over 20 years of experience.

  • A welcoming space free of judgement or expectations to learn, be curious, & “try on” various empowering tools designed to calm the nervous system and feel more centered within yourself.

  • A supportive, encouraging group of people showing up with aligned intention.

Lasting Benefits

  • Nervous system regulation techniques in evidence-based modalities such as vagus nerve toning, mindfulness, Emotional Freedom Tapping, guided meditation, & Somatic practices that calm the mind-body and can be used again and again throughout your life.

  • Limbic system retraining guidance on how to shift your inner dialogue to be supportive and effective like an encouraging, kind, coach would be.

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