Spring Equinox Gathering

Spring Equinox Gathering

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Spring is in the air. Mother Nature is sending up her shoots and sprouting her tender new leaves. 

It's a time to.....

🍃 find time to pause and soak it in

🍃 look for what is emerging

🍃 gather and celebrate

🍃 give gratitude for our blessings

The seasonal changes are a time where changing and shifting happens and we can take a sacred pause to honor what is moving inside us. 

Spring Equinox Gathering 

Please join me in an in-person circle to honor the sunlight and the blossoms. The evening will include.....

🍃 guided visualization and meditation to slow us down and find our inner stillness

🍃 drumming shamanic journey to meet with the Spring Goddess

🍃 reflection on what is emerging and sprouting in each of us

🍃sharing, circle time, creating an altar

The Spring Goddess will be your own unique guide for the evening. We will call her in as a representation of the energies of Spring and ask for her wisdom and gifts. 

No experience necessary. You do not need to have journeyed before. This will be a deep and nourishing experience for those who have never journeyed with drumming and to those who have many times. A shamanic journey is a practice where through the rhythmic beat of the drum, one enters into the Spiritworld or a meditative state where we are open to the magic of all of life and closer to hearing our own inner voice. 

This is a time to come together to celebrate the Emergence theme of Spring, what wants to come forth in you, and how to best support your growth. It's a time to reflect, play, and dream. Women, Men, and young people are invited. 

For our Winter Solstice gathering in December we had A LOT of people. It sold out and was a lovely evening. I am reducing the size this time and keeping the group at 10 people. Please join me!

Spring Equinox  Gathering 
Monday, March 20th
6:30 - 8:30 pm
At my office in Walnut Creek, 
directions to follow upon registration