Shamanic Journey and Intuitive Sessions

Shamanic Journey sessions in Walnut Creek, CA or by Zoom video conference.

Private Shamanic Journey Session

What happens in a Shamanic Journey Session: 

This healing tool imbues your life with the sacred. It brings meaning to your every day. Have you lost touch with the greater meaning and fulfillment of your life? In order to feel whole and fulfilled, we need to be in touch with all parts of ourselves and to feel we belong. The shamanic journey expands your awareness so you are awakened into a realm where life actually feels alive and miraculous -- and this feeling follows you out of your session and stays with you as you live each day. 

In a shamanic journey, the shamanic practitioner guides you into a deep meditative place where you are able to view your life from a holistic perspective. The session brings you into a state of wholeness. Shamanic drumming calms, relaxes, and brings you through a portal into an altered state in which your intuition and inner wisdom is activated. We call this state a non-ordinary reality or a trance state. The worlds we travel to can be called the Otherworld or the Spirit world, or we can simple say we are engaging the powerful tool of our imaginary realms. Shamanism has been practiced for 30-40 thousand years by all of our ancestors all over the world. This is an experience that is in our DNA. Our "developed" culture has become disconnected from being interconnected with nature and the forces around us. Shamanic journey brings us back to this birth right. While it is often a powerful healing tool, the shamanic journey is also an incredibly creative and playful experience that opens doors to miracles and wakes you up from numbing slumber. 

During a shamanic journey you "follow the sound of the drum". You are guided to allow the drumbeat to take you to your highest healing. What is ready to be explored and seen comes up to the level of your awareness for you to consciously work with along with my help. The drum becomes its own guide as it mimics our own heartbeat. The sound is healing for our hearts and bodies and echoes the ancient sounds our ancestors made in rituals, ceremonies and dance. 

You may connect with spirit guides. These are helper beings who we can access in this heightened state who are here to offer guidance when we ask them. You may receive insight and information through any of your senses which are open and sensitive during a journey. 

I hold a sacred protective and profound space for you so you may let go. I also offer shamanic journey sessions via skype or zoom video conference. 

A Shamanic Journey session includes:

  • History and Key Elements of Shamanism
  • Intuitive conversation to create your Journey intention 
  • Shamanic drumming for 20 minutes
  • Post-Journey integration - interpretation and post-healing tools
  • Pre and Post Journey meditations 

Any level of experience is welcome. Beginners will find a safe and nurturing introduction to Shamanism while advanced practitioners will find a sacred healing space for deep and continued practice in the shamanic journey and related shamanic practices. 

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Distance Shamanic Journey Sessions on Zoom Video Conference

Shamanic practice and can be done at any distance. Energy can travel and be worked with across miles. My clients report that distance sessions feel like we are in the room together. 

We schedule a Zoom video conference and I facilitate our time together just as I would for an in-person session. See above for a detailed description. It is best to call from a private and quiet place where you will not be interrupted. I will guide you in your complete shamanic journey experience including intuitive counseling, intention setting, drumming, and post-journey integration. I facilitate our time together just as I would if we were together in the same room. 

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Shamanic Bodywork

An integrative session combining bodywork and hands-on energy work. We will create your intention for deeper healing throughout the session and end with a shamanic journey. You'll find yourself relaxed and altered and in the prime state of mind to go deeper into the trance state of the journey. This is for the person who wants a healing experience on all levels.


Experience the deeply healing, therapeutic, and relaxing qualities of Intuitive Bodywork. I combine deep tissue massage incorporating intuitive energy work and meditation designed to engage the mind/body/spirit connection and heal on all levels.

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"Working with Shannon has helped me so much. She is a wonderful combination of wisdom, skill, and grounded kindness. Just being in her presence is incredibly calming. I have worked with her for years and I have had some of my most pivotal insights while journeying to her drumming. The way she approaches shamanic journeying is easy to understand but also potent - it’s great for beginners and for advanced practitioners."

Erica J. Counselor in Oakland, CA

"Shannon is such a warm ,welcoming, easy person to be with. I have been working with her for many years in a variety of capacities - reiki healing work, shamanic journey classes and also small ceremonies and rituals. What I love most about Shannon is that she makes this esoteric and ancient material very easy to follow and learn. She has such a simple way of teaching and leading that I always walk away feeling connected to my own deeper wisdom. I highly recommend her to anyone who is just getting started on their spiritual journey. She will meet you wherever you are. If you have a chance to work with Shannon, you should do it!"

Sirena M. Craniosacral Therapist in Oakland, CA

"My shamanic journey session with Shannon was transformational! I arrived vulnerable and unsure what exactly "shamanic journeying" was. I was a bit depressed, and wanted a guide to help me sort through everything going on in my head. We talked for a bit at the beginning and she provided a path through the journey - what to call in, what to look for, how to continue through to the end. I had a uniquely visceral experience — one that I had never had before. I highly recommend doing a shamanic journey with Shannon. She was nurturing, fun, easy to be with and she provided a safe space to travel into and out of your brain. Highly recommended!!! If I could give more than 5 stars, I would."

Eric R. Lafayette, CA

"I have attended 3 different Shamanic Journeys led by Shannon. I was attracted to them because I'm usually a pretty intellectual person, and I heard that these rituals were a way to access deeper wisdom from parts of my psyche, or unconscious, and I was curious what information I would get. The Journeys had groups of about 8-12 people and each event had a different theme. Shannon does an amazing job including everyone, and setting the context for the event so that I could fully relax and let the experience unfold. I find that doing this really helps ground the new knowledge in a way that I can take action on. If you're looking for guidance about an area of your life, I highly recommend Shannon's Shamanic Journeys."

Elon B. Chiropractor in Oakland, CA

"Shannon has been a powerful healing resource for me for several years. She's provided me with insightful guidance for my personal life and my business through our sessions. Her shamanic journey sessions are powerful. Thanks Shannon! I'm excited about our next session coming up!"

Jeffrey M. Business Consultant in Portland, Oregon

Shamanic Practice

Shannon Hopkins, Shamanic Practitioner

I offer shamanic journey sessions, intuitive healing, rituals and rites of passage out of my Walnut Creek, CA office as well as through video shamanic journey sessions and phone sessions to anywhere in the world. Energy can be worked with across any distance and my clients report feeling as if they are in the room with me during these distance sessions. 

Clients visit me from Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, Concord, and many Bay Area cities. People also visit me from Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Albany, and San Francisco, CA.