Your Unique One-of-a-kind Energy Field

Your Unique One-of-a-kind Energy Field

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Your Unique One-of-a-kind Energy Field 

Learning Energy Tools to tend your field
and creating boundaries that allow you to 

be more fully who YOU came here to be

Wednesdays -  May 17, 24, 31 & June 7

5442 Boyd Avenue, Oakland
Rockridge neighborhood

Cost: $275

This class is about how to BE in the world as yourself, aware of your own energy, your own field, and what you are exuding. How we feel and what we create in our lives has less to do with what we are doing and more about how we are being. In this workshop we explore how to shift and transform how we are being. 

Teaching Partner: I am co-teaching this class with
 my long-time friend Sirena Masket. She and I met in college as staffers at the Lair of the Bear summer camp. Since then her path has taken her through cranial sacral work, holistic pelvic floor practice and more. She teaches her clients to listen to their bodies and holds everyone she is with with a gentle loving presence. She guides her clients towards wholeness and is a master in the world of energy work. 

These are the tools that I use the MOST. This is for you if you want to learn about energy OR if you already know about energy work and you want to hone your skills and practice in the powerful container we will create together. 


What is Energy?  

What is your energy field?  

How does your energy field interact with your physical body?  

How can you be in charge of what your energy field feels like and who you are BEING?  

How can you be FULL of your own energy?

How can you learn to move other people out of your energy field?

What do other people’s energy fields feel like? 

How can you have better boundaries around people with intense or needy energy?

How can I take up more space and be more fully myself?

This work is more fun in community. Invite your people!