Beltane Shamanic Journey Gathering

Beltane Shamanic Journey Gathering

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Tuesday, April 30th (Beltane eve)
6:30 - 8:30 pm
At my office in Walnut Creek 

It's just past the Spring Equinox and Mother Nature is blooming! The flowers are everywhere, the trees are full of new bright green leaves, and the birds are happily singing each morning. I come home from my morning walks with bright flowers and feel the earth brimming with creation. 

At the same time there is an air of transition. Things are changing. Newness is in the air.

This Circle celebrates Beltane, that "in-between" cross-quarter seasonal holiday. It marks the height of Spring and the middle spot between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. 

On Beltane the Celts celebrated the fertility of the Earth, jumped over fires, and washed their faces with morning dew for beauty and renewal. They invoked the May Queen and called in the harmonization of masculine and feminine energies. 

Beltane Shamanic Journey Gathering

🍃 connect with the spirits of the land 

🍃 listen for what is ready to let go

🍃 honor what is blooming for us

🍃 feel into your reality of transition 

The seasonal changes are a time where changing and shifting happens and we can take a sacred pause to honor what is moving inside us. 

Please join me in an in-person circle to honor the May Queen and invoke her presence. 

The evening will include.....

🍃 guided visualization and meditation to slow us down and find our inner stillness

🍃 drumming shamanic journey to meet with the May Queen

🍃 reflection on what is letting go and blooming in each of us

🍃sharing, circle time, creating a flower altar

The May Queen will be your own unique guide for the evening. We will call her in as a representation of the energies of Spring and ask for her wisdom and gifts. 

No experience necessary. You do not need to have journeyed before. This will be a deep and nourishing experience for those who have never journeyed with drumming and to those who have many times. A shamanic journey is a practice where through the rhythmic beat of the drum, one enters into the Spiritworld or a meditative state where we are open to the magic of all of life and closer to hearing our own inner voice. 

This is a time to come together to reflect, play, and dream. Women, Men, and young people are invited. 

Please join me!